5 Xeriscaping Basics for Your High Desert Yard

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xeriscapingXeriscaping – or landscaping your space to require little to no irrigation gardening – brings an exciting element to high desert and arid climate gardening common for the northern Nevada.

Why Xeriscaping

Xeriscaping helps maximize resources through reducing water use, proper plant placement and selection, and choosing earth-friendly design elements. This unique approach to gardening means less use of pesticides and harmful chemicals. It also means a reduced carbon footprint, and a more natural habitat for local wildlife.

Xeriscaping Basics

According to Eartheasy.com, xeriscaping tips will help make designing and maintaining your garden areas easy to do:


  1. Water Conservation – Choose gravel over grass, and drought-resistant plants over those that need lots of watering.
  1. Choose Appropriate Soil – Depending on your environment, your soil choice should be one that quickly drains water and also stores it. Your ideal choice will rely heavily on what types of plants you choose. When you make your plant selections, check in with your nursery specialist to find out what type of soil will work best in your area with your type of plants.
  1. Limit Turf Areas – Because the goal of xeriscaping is to provide garden features that require little to no irrigation, turf areas should be limited in size and volume. Longer grass will hold more water, so letting your turf areas grow will help retain some of the rainfall, especially in areas like northern Nevada where rainfall is low.
  1. Select Native Plants – When choosing your plants, select ones that are naturally found in your area that will best tolerate your climate.
  1. Put Down Mulch –Place landscaping fabric and mulch down to keep weeds from growing, and absorbing much needed water.

Remember, xeriscaping is about creating beauty alongside water conservation. Finding elements that support this fundamental can help you save money, conserve water, and still create curb appeal.

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