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Winnemucca – Nevada, the town was named for the 19th-century  Chief Winnemucca  of the local Northern  Paiute  tribe, who traditionally lived in this area. He and his band had a camp near here. Winnemucca, loosely translated, means “one moccasin.” The chief’s daughter,  Sarah Winnemucca,  was an advocate for education and fair treatment of the Paiute and  Shoshone  tribes in the area. Their family all learned to speak English, and Sarah worked as an interpreter, scout and messenger for the United States Army during the  Bannock War  of 1878. In 1883 Sarah Winnemucca published the first autobiography written by a Native American woman, based on hundreds of lectures she’d given in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic. It has been described as “one of the most enduring ethno-historical books written by an American Indian.

Winnemucca is historically known as “The Crossroads of the West”.