Quonset Hut Homes: Unique, Cost-Effective and Beautiful

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Source: Elizabeth Anderson - CC

Source: Elizabeth Anderson – CC

The beauty of a desert canvas offers a lot of options for alternative homes, and especially Quonset hut homes. They stand out on their own, and with distant neighbors, they won’t clash with any surrounding styles like you’d find in urban spaces.

The Nevada landscape is perfect for unique, functional, and beautiful Quonset hut home options. And lucky us – not only are they spectacular-looking against a desert backdrop but they are cost-effective, stable and popular!

Cost Effective

Going the self-construction route, with a per square foot price that can start as low as $5, the Quonset hut home can save you a bundle.

  • Design Simplicity: On their own, their simple design requires no siding, painting, roofing or gutters. This can save you money not only in construction but in the upkeep too.
  • Customizable Options: These homes are highly customizable, which means you can build your home to precisely fit your budget.


Stable Design

Quonset hut homes are made of durable materials and in a shape that’s ideally made to withstand harsh winds and weather that afflicts wide open spaces you need for runways and aircraft parking. You also find the same type of weather in the Nevada high desert.

  • Stainless Steel Construction: Many Quonset hut homes are available in kits from a variety of companies that originally developed these kits for aircraft hangars. These are constructed from curved shapes of durable stainless steel. They are so durable, many come with a 50-year warranty. You won’t find that with your stick and brick homes.
  • Dome shape: The aerodynamic shape eliminates the need for roofing and gutters on traditional homes, and eliminates the issues that come with them, too. No need to worry about clearing or replacing gutters and damaged roofs. The curved design also allows for damaging high winds and traveling debris to flow easily over the curved surfaces.
Quonset Hut Home

Source: Elizabeth Anderson- CC

These homes are durable, and beautiful. The simple kit options mean you can get really creative with options for front-facing surfaces, windows and additions. The options are endless for Quonset hut homes with curb appeal.


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