Spring Is Here! Time to Boost Your Curb Appeal

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Spring Curb AppealThe sun is coming out, and the thaw is beginning! That means spring is here, and it’s time to bring on the curb appeal! To have your home looking the best it can for summer, make outdoor decorating a priority now. You’ll get the most bang for your buck, beat the buying rush, and have your home looking great before the good weather is in full swing.

Put Away the Winter

First, store away your winter items to tidy your outdoor appearance. Take down the forgotten strand of Christmas lights, store the shovels and any ice melting chemicals, say goodbye to the snow blower for the season, and take stock of your favorite summer items by examining their condition for repair or replacement.

  • Do patio cushions need washing or replacing?
  • How are the washers and connections on your hoses? Any leaks?
  • Is your summer décor starting to look faded or outdated?

Tip: spring is also a good time to check solar and outdoor lighting bulbs, tidy up the garage, shop or barn, and sweep away any cobwebs.

Unify Your Style

Whether your home is a unique sustainable Steelmaster home, or a ranch with a barn, workshop and beautiful sprawling land for your horses to graze, there is beauty in your home’s unique style. That includes the land that surrounds it too.

Your home, and property has its own personality, whether that style is formal, whimsical, down-to-earth, country western, or centered around a desert-style motif or another unqiue style altogether. Embrace that style to boost the impact of its curb appeal.

  • Choose like colors when making purchases or picking out paints.
  • Browse magazines and catalogs that speaks to your home’s style to get a sense of the latest in décor trends for the season before making purchases.
  • Focus on small details. House numbers, solar lighting, walkway stones, plant holders, mats, and the types of plants you bring in all add up to your home’s overall outdoor beauty.

Creating curb appeal this spring doesn’t have to be costly or time-consuming. Prioritize the areas your home most needs attention, and focus only on those things to create more impact in boosting your outdoor décor.

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