Stick-built homes, Modular, or Manufactured: What’s the Difference?

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Modular, Manufactured, Stick-Built homes

Modular, Manufactured, Stick-Built homes

Stick-built homes? Modular? Manufactured? Who can tell?!

Probably before you decided to buy a house the thought of whether homes were modular, manufactured or stick-built probably didn’t enter your mind. Now it’s a different story. Looking for some guidance? Look no further.

Manufactured homes

These homes were originally built on steel chassis then were transported to their locations.  Before June 15, 1976, these were called mobile homes. Now called manufactured homes, the modern versions are so close to resembling stick-builts that its often hard to tell them apart.  A good rule of thumb is, if it was built before June 15, 1976, made of a steel frame, is one story and can be transported, it’s a mobile home. If the home was built after June 15, 1976, it’s called a manufactured home.

Modular Homes

Similar to manufactured homes in that they are factory created, these homes are delivered to their locations in pieces, unlike manufactured homes, are assembled on site. Foundations can range from concrete slab, crawl space, and can be classified as on or off-frame.

Stick-built homes

These homes got their name in their construction as the structural beams resemble sticks. Stick-built homes are foundation from which all other housing forms. They are build on-site, and are constructed in timber-frame. These homes typically will appreciate in value, unlike some of their counterparts.


Whether your reasons for choosing a home rely heavily on financing, type of construction, location, or resale value, the good news is each of these has significant assets because each of them offer a housing solution. Know your priorities, then conduct your research to discover which type of home is right for you.

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