Manufactured Homes: The Pros and Cons

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Manufactured homes pros and cons

Manufactured homes pros and consManufactured homes are a worthy consideration when you set out to buy a new place. Before diving into your search, first, get the facts on what separates manufactured homes from on-site built ones, to make the best decision for your needs.

Pros and Cons of Manufactured Homes

What exactly are manufactured homes and how much do they cost? How are they made? Let’s take a look:


  • Sturdy construction: Manufactured homes are section-built homes made in a factory, and are built to tolerate transport. Often times these types of homes are made with things like lag screws and other materials used for heavy load-bearing builds – Things you don’t find in site-built constructed houses. They are also often fortified to withstand strong weather conditions.
  • Faster build time: Because manufactured homes are made in a factory setting, this means that the time you wait for construction is drastically reduced. Most delays result from weather or seasonal conditions. With factory builds, you don’t have that.
  • Cost: Factory built houses often cost less than their on-site built counterparts. This is often because they are made in a controlled factory environment. Companies have their materials pre-bought, and you can also design your home based on your budget. These things have a great impact on how much you save.


  • Separate land and housing costs: Because these homes are built in a factory and transported, it means for the buyer that they must first secure land where the house will be placed, in addition to the house itself. With on-site homes, the land and home is usually purchased together.
  • Initial payment: Because the homes aren’t yet constructed, this means the buyer will often need to put forth payment for the home before it’s built. This ensures to the manufacturer that you aren’t going to cancel the deal halfway through.

Common Manufactured Home Customizations

Manufactured homes are great because you have the option to customize them. Some companies offer changes in floor plans, cabinets, fixtures, and even in wood species. The key is finding the company that offers you the type of home that fits your needs, your priority customizations, and your budget.


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