Join Us to Protect Nevada’s Wild Horses with The Last Wild Place

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Nevada's wild horses

Nevada's wild horses

Protect Our Wild Horses

Nevada’s wild horses need our help.

The Last Wild Place is a 501 © 3 organization striving to create a wild mustang preserve on the 12,000 acre “Little Humboldt River Ranch” – a working ranch located near our very own Winnemucca, NV.

In efforts to save our beautiful mustangs, The Last Wild Place is hosting a Mustang Mixer on April 5th.

At these events you can:

  • Meet with the founders.
  • Talk with others interested in doing what they can to help save the horses.
  • Socialize with other horse protection enthusiasts in our area.
  • Learn what you can do to help protect our horses and help them thrive.

About The Last Wild Place

The Last Wild Place offers private 40 acre parcels for sale which gives the owners the benefit of living amongst Nevada’s wild horses while also donating the space to the project. It’s a unique set-up that directly benefits the horses, and protectors alike.

These parcels available through the Northern Nevada MLS # 170002477.

Plans for the project include an airstrip, and many services for horses, including training, boarding, feeding, and much more.

We at Cowboy Country Realty are really excited for this project’s beginnings. This nurturing endeavor offers a great opportunity for those in our community to participate directly and long-term in protecting Nevada’s wild horses to keep them healthy, happy and safe!

Follow The Last Wild Place on Facebook, to learn more about this great cause, or about attending their upcoming Mustang Mixer on April 5th.

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