Goat Playgrounds: The Sky’s the Limit

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goat playgrounds

Goats can be fun and productive animals for a farm. They are also active. A goat playground is the key to keeping thriving goats – especially when they are kids. No matter the size of your land, you can easily entertain and exercise them. Follow these tips for a fun space that will keep your goats healthy and happy!

The Higher the Better

Goats love to wander and climb onto high places. Take height into account when you’re creating your design. Poles with flat structures on top, notched logs as ramps and old chicken coops make excellent spaces for hiking and jumping.

 goat playgrounds



Goat playgrounds can always benefit from having an old tractor tire or two as a feature. They are sturdy, inexpensive, and will last a long time. Be sure to bury them  for stability, and check for wear, to keep your goats safe.

Photo Credit: Jentastic

Photo Credit: Jentastic

Pallets, Planks and Old Furniture

Great goat playgrounds can be made simply with stuff hanging around the farm. Old pallets, wooden planks for ramps, and old furniture make excellent climbing surfaces for your goats. To keep table sturdy, bury the legs into the dirt to keep them from toppling over.



Flexible bridges are a fun feature to keep your goats busy and fit. You don’t have to break the bank to do it though. You can make bridges from ropes and planks, or even repurposed from children’s play structures.


Photo Credit: Stefanie Seskin

Photo Credit: Stefanie Seskin 

Don’t get bogged down by details. Just look around your space, and get busy! What awesome ideas have you seen or tried with your goats? Post below and share it with our readers – when you share, you help others out too!

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