5 Crazy Chicken Coops with Amazing Curb Appeal

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Creative Chicken Coops

via Backyard Chickens

Building a creative chicken coop can turn your fun, money-saving hobby into a work of unique expression and curb appeal. No matter your taste or climate, you can come up with a clever coop that adds value, functionality and a conversation-piece to your yard, wherever the location, whatever the style…

 Steel on Wheels Creative Chicken Coop

Creative Chicken Coops

via Seattle Chicken Coops

DIY home fans take a gander at the corrugated metal version of a moveable chicken coop to accent your Quonset Hut Home.

Vintage Country Style Coop

Creative Chicken Coops

via Tatooed Housewife

A farmhouse, barn and a chicken coop to match. Cute, colorful and lots of country.

Rustic and Enchanted

Creative Chicken Coops

via Rebecca64/Flickr

If stories of enchantment and whimsy are your thing, with a little imagination, you can create this clever home for your feathered family in just a few weekends with some spare and found wood.

Country Western Coop

Creative Chicken Coops

via Backyard Chickens

Mighty popular around our Nevada homes, the Country Western style coop is sure to turn some heads and spin some spurs.

Upcycled Functional and Fun

Creative Chicken Coops

Photo Credit: Benedetto Bufalino


Do a fresh take on your chickens’ habitat. Don’t let convention stop you from creating a good home for your chickens, and help reduce your carbon footprint too.

Try visiting the junkyard to spark your creative streak, to help save the planet and fun, beauty and personality to your yard.

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