Aquaponics in Winnemucca, NV

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aquaponics winnemucca

If you are at all familiar with aquaponics you know that it’s a hybrid form of agriculture created from combining aquaculture and hydroponics. Hydroponics grows vegetables, fruits and herbs without soil, using only water. Aquaculture grows edible fish. When you combine the two methods you create a system that sustains one another while producing edible fish, herbs and vegetables, using … Read More

Fix Damaged Credit Before You Buy a Home

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Ways to Fix Damaged Credit

Because damaged credit takes time to repair, if you’re looking to buy a home, it’s never too soon to do what you can to improve your credit reports and your credit score. Know Your Credit Score First, run your credit with one of the major credit companies to find out where you need to improve. You are entitled to one … Read More

5 Xeriscaping Basics for Your High Desert Yard

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Xeriscaping – or landscaping your space to require little to no irrigation gardening – brings an exciting element to high desert and arid climate gardening common for the northern Nevada. Why Xeriscaping Xeriscaping helps maximize resources through reducing water use, proper plant placement and selection, and choosing earth-friendly design elements. This unique approach to gardening means less use of pesticides and harmful chemicals. It … Read More

Goat Playgrounds: The Sky’s the Limit

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Goats can be fun and productive animals for a farm. They are also active. A goat playground is the key to keeping thriving goats – especially when they are kids. No matter the size of your land, you can easily entertain and exercise them. Follow these tips for a fun space that will keep your goats healthy and happy! The Higher the Better Goats love … Read More

5 Crazy Chicken Coops with Amazing Curb Appeal

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Building a creative chicken coop can turn your fun, money-saving hobby into a work of unique expression and curb appeal. No matter your taste or climate, you can come up with a clever coop that adds value, functionality and a conversation-piece to your yard, wherever the location, whatever the style…  Steel on Wheels Creative Chicken Coop DIY home fans take a gander at … Read More

Quonset Hut Homes: Unique, Cost-Effective and Beautiful

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The beauty of a desert canvas offers a lot of options for alternative homes, and especially Quonset hut homes. They stand out on their own, and with distant neighbors, they won’t clash with any surrounding styles like you’d find in urban spaces. The Nevada landscape is perfect for unique, functional, and beautiful Quonset hut home options. And lucky us – … Read More

Dome Homes: Not All Desert Homes Are Shaped Alike

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Whether you’re looking for something stylishly unique, or cost-effective and energy-efficient, in a desert home, domes homescan be a clever way to go, if it’s the right fit for your lifestyle and budget. Benefits of A Dome Home Great Energy Value:  Domes often have a high insulation factors, are energy efficient and cost-effective to maintain. Similar cost to conventional construction: According … Read More