Chapter 17.23
17.23.010 Purpose
17.23.020 Permitted Uses
17.23.030 Accessory Uses
17.23.040 Conditional Uses
17.23.050 Prohibited Uses
17.23.060 Height Regulations
17.23.070 Area and Yard Requirements
17.23.080 Additional Requirements
17.23.010 Purpose
A. The purpose of the RR rural ranchette district is to provide for low density areas for single-family dwellings. Such a low density district is particularly intended to permit a reduction in streets, public utilities and related public services not possible in higher density residential areas. Included are those areas which may be but not necessarily vulnerable to the encroachment of higher residential densities and urban services. The RR rural ranchette district is to be applied to those areas of the county which will allow a ranch like life-style for pleasure, but not as a main source of income. This zoning district is to be a rural residential area which allows livestock. The adoption of this zoning district shall repeal and supersede the following zoning designations:
Old Designation New Designation
RR-4 Eliminated
AG-2.5 RR-2.5
RR-3 RR-2.5
RA (11/75) RR-2.5
RR-2 RR-1.25
RE-54 RR-1.25
RE-43 RR-1.25
A-1 (11/75) RR-1.25
RE-20 RR-20
RE-14 RR-13
E-1 (11/75) RR-13
E-2 (11/75) RR-13
R1-12 RR-13
AG-2.4 RR-2.5
AG-1.25 RR-1.25
AG-5 RR-5
371 (Humboldt County Supp.No.1,6-03)
B. The density range allowed within the RR zoning districts is as follows:
1. RR-5, with a lot area of five acres;
2. RR-2.5, with a lot area of two-and-one-half acres;
3. RR-1.25, with a lot area of one-and-one-quarter acres or fifty four thousand four hundred fifty square feet;
4. RR-20, with a lot area of twenty thousand square feet with water and/or sewer service;
5. RR-13, with a lot area of thirteen thousand square feet with water and sewer service. (Ord. 8-18-97D ‘ 1 (part): Ord. 11-20-95B ‘ 1(part))
17.23.020 Permitted Uses
The following are permitted uses in the RR rural ranchette district:
A. Single-family dwellings (maximum one unit per lot);
B. Day care family facilities;
C. Raising and growing (for personal use) field crops, livestock, poultry and rabbits;
D. Sale of home grown seasonal excess crops and livestock.
E. Manufactured Homes meeting the manufactured home siting criteria, Chapter 17.54
F. Mobile homes (with MH overlay zoning);
G. Riding academies, riding schools and stables are allowed solely in the RR-2.5 & RR-5 zoning districts. (Ord. 8-18-97D ‘ 1 (part): Ord. 11-20-95B ‘ 1(part))
17.23.030 Accessory Uses
The following are accessory uses in the RR rural ranchette district:
A. Private garages;
B. Livestock stables, corrals and/or pens;
C. Other accessory uses and buildings customarily appurtenant to a permitted use. (Ord. 8-18-97D ‘ 1 (part): Ord. 11-20-95B ‘ 1(part))
17.23.040 Conditional Uses
The following are conditional uses in the RR rural ranchette district:
A. Home occupations;
B. Guest house without kitchen facilities; (See NRS 534.180 (4) re: wells)
C. Child care facilities for more than three but no more than ten children;
D. Temporary sales offices;
E. Country clubs, tennis clubs, golf courses, driving ranges for commercial purposes;
F. Public and semipublic buildings such as, but not limited to, the following: Churches and schools;
G. Public use events;
H. Boarding kennels, not to exceed ten animals;
I. Animal hospitals and veterinarian offices;
J. Sale and display of products grown or raised on the premises;
K. Commercial small scale farming or ranching. (Ord. 8-18-97D ‘ 1 (part): Ord.11-20-95B & 1(part))
(Humboldt County Supp. No.1, 6-03) 372
17.23.050 Prohibited Uses
The following are prohibited uses in the RR rural ranchette district:
A. Multiple-family dwellings;
B. Commercial uses not addressed as permitted uses under Section 17.23.020 or 17.23.040;
C. Industrial uses;
D. Mining, milling and processing of minerals;
E. Extraction and/or processing of rock, sand and gravel;
F. Mining camps and/or construction camps;
G. Skeet, trap or gun clubs;
H. Hunting and fishing preserves;
I. Dude Ranches;
J. Cemeteries;
K. Airports;
L. Facilities for the processing of livestock food or food products;
M. Welding shops;
N. Vehicular repair shops;
O. Agricultural or domestic well drilling operations;
P. Recreational vehicles as permanent dwelling units. (Ord. 8-18-97D ‘ 1 (part): Ord. 11/20/95 ‘ 1 (part))
17.23.060 Height Regulations
In the RR rural ranchette district, no main building or accessory building shall exceed three stories or thirty-five feet in height. (Ord. 8-18-97D ‘ 1 (part): Ord. 11/20/95 ‘ 1 (part))
17.23.070 Area and Yard Requirements
The following table sets out area and yard requirements for the RR rural ranchette district:
Minimum Yards
District Lot Depth Lot Width Front Side Rear
Classification Lot Area (feet) (feet) (feet) (feet) (feet)
RR-5 5 acres 170 150 30 15 20
RR-2.5 2.5 acres 140 150 30 15 20
RR-1.25 1.25 acres 140 150 30 15 20
RR-20 20,000 sq ft 130 130 30 15 20
RR-13 13,000 sq ft 120 80 20 8 10
(Ord. 8-18-97E ‘ (part): Ord. 11-20-95B ‘ 1(part))
17.23.080 Additional Requirements
The following additional requirements apply in the RR rural ranchette district:
A. The minimum distance between a structure used for human habitation and a structure housing livestock shall be not less than forty feet.
B. There shall be a minimum of not less than twenty feet between a main dwelling and a guest house.
373 (Humboldt County 6-99)
C. All off-street parking requirements and regulations shall be as provided in Chapter 17.60 of this title.
D. Setbacks for accessory buildings shall be five feet from the side and rear property lines.
E. In the RR-13 district only, if an accessory building is located 85 feet or more from the front property line, the side and rear yard setbacks shall be 3 feet from the rear and side property lines.
TH-05-03 approved B Amendments effective 4-15-05
* TH-05-06 Amendment to setbacks effective 6-27-05
TH-07-01 Amendment adding RR-5 district and amending 17.23 E – effective 10-12-07
NOTE: These amendments have not been codified
(Humboldt County 6-99) 374