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Aquaponics in Winnemucca, NV

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aquaponics winnemuccaIf you are at all familiar with aquaponics you know that it’s a hybrid form of agriculture created from combining aquaculture and hydroponics. Hydroponics grows vegetables, fruits and herbs without soil, using only water. Aquaculture grows edible fish.

When you combine the two methods you create a system that sustains one another while producing edible fish, herbs and vegetables, using no soil, and conserving water.


This type of sustainable agriculture is great for areas like Winnemucca because of its arid climate. This type of system allows farmers and residents to maximize their water usage, and still produce vegetables despite weather and soil conditions.

Winnemucca Aquaponics

Organizations in the Winnemucca area are taking advantage of this uniquely sustainable form of production. One such organization, the Icon International Foundation, is in the process of building the Howard N Rolfe Institute of Science where a major project is underway for a 1,000,000 square-foot closed aquaponics system and on-site research lab.

With aquaponics offering such a great agricultural return on sustainable resources with minimal waste, individual homes are jumping on board too. While the initial set-up and pre-planning may require more effort than conventional methods, it’s benefits are worth the time effort involved.

Aquaponics in Nevada Homes

You can find many do-it-yourself presentations, and resources online to get you started, and commercial companies offer info and advice that can be helpful when getting your feet wet in the world of aquaponics. When first looking into set-up for your area, be sure to ask about:

  • Types of fish that will produce well for your area. Consider water temperatures in Winnemucca for your set-up as a major determining factor in breeds of fish you can produce.
  • Your year round climate.
  • Plants that will grow well with the nutrients in the water.
  • Construction considerations including water pumps, grow beds, and water pipes.

Our arid climate in Winnemucca, NV is prime real estate for aquaponics. As this method of agriculture moves from experimental to conventional, it will be a process that will become easier to set up and maintain as our Winnemucca residents can appreciate its sustainability, ideal growth option for our climate, and its high yield potentials.

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