Wait! Don’t Plant That! Northern Nevada Gardening: Expert Tips

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Northern Nevada Desert Vegetable GardeningNorthern Nevada gardening is easy if you do your homework. To have a winning desert vegetable garden, just pay attention to your frost dates, your zoning, and when get the tips on what does and doesn’t grow in your parts, write them down before you head out to the nursery or spend money on those heirloom seeds.

If you’ve recently moved here, or are looking to plant roots here soon, consult the maps and experts before you plot your plan.


Northern Nevada Gardening Zones

Many sites offer interactive zoning guides – like this one from plantmaps.com which give important information to know before you plant, such as:

  • First and last frost dates for your zone
  • Drought zones for each zone
  • Average high and low temperatures for each region


Your Desert Vegetable Garden: What to Plant and When

Guides are also available online that offer planting calendars for the plants that will thrive in your area. Use this as your best tool for setting up your garden. These help you determine what vegetables thrive in your area, when to plant, and when to expect the harvest.


Put Your Data Together

So, In Winnemucca, we have a short planting season.  Our specific northern Nevada gardening zone is broken up between – 6a and 6b. Therefore, our vegetable gardens do best roughly between June 26 and August 26. This means we can expect our average last frost just before the end of June, and our first frost, just after the end of August.


You can purchase seeds going from the zones you fall under, and also consult your list. So next, consulting the calendar, beets, onions, spinach, chard, carrots, garlic and radishes to name a few, will yield a good harvest.  Finally, you consider the construction details to build your plot, and you’re off to a great start!




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